Wasteland Twinning Forum , ZK/U, Berlin-Moabit, 21-23.09. 2012

The Anxious Prop collective has been invited to join Wasteland Twinning Forum in order to build another version of the Y-table that facilitate the generation of collective knowledge. Research vehicle called Objective Dialogues served as analytical station, proposing diverse methods for investigation of the wasteland-objects submitted from seven different sites. The table was equipped with 3d scanner and 3 stations (digital scale, measuring tools, magnifying glass), attached to the classification shelf, allowing pairs of investigators to build narratives around chosen object. The whole process concluded by recording a short summary and bringing generated sheet of information back to the cabinet, permitting other participants of the forum to read and reinterpret presented data.

Photos > R.Taylor, S.Kalika, J.Wunderling