Laboratory of Critical Urbanism / EHU Vilnius

The Laboratory of Critical Urbanism (LCU) at EHU serves as a platform for scholars and practitioners in the region working in the field of urban studies. The Laboratory conducts multidisciplinary research on urban space, organizes seminars, exhibitions and cultural projects, and is assembling a multimedia archive of urban studies-related materials.

The Laboratory works under the principal that new interdisciplinary configurations of academic thought and practical intervention are necessary to more fully understand the diversity and complexity of emergent socio-spatial forms. This is particularly so in the case of the regions, cities and rural areas of Central and Eastern Europe, where hybrid and often paradoxical spatial paradigms and social processes can be observed. In particular, the Laboratory works to explore the potential and obstacles caused by the persistence of the socialist built environment in its complex and uneven interaction with the international movement and regulation of people, ideas, goods and money characteristic of contemporary capitalism.