LIS – Lette Institut für Stadtpädagogik / Jugendzentrum BDP-Luke

LIS started in winter 2013 as a laboratory for urban explorations, in cooperation with youth from disadvantaged district Reinickendorf (Berlin) . In the spirit of critical-pedagogy LIS contained sessions such as mapping-hood, defining&questioning youth conflict-zones, micro-excursions and film-program. After learning about power-relations in the domain or urban-development, complex administrative state-aparatus and legal possibilities to act spatially, in summer 2014 we developed proposal for refurbishment of the dysfunctional inner-courtyard (Youth-Centre BDP-Luke). Maintenance, upgrade and programming of this spatial structure became responsibility of the youth hanging inside Youth-Centre.

Project has been recognised by local authorities and supported by JugendJury (Youth-run Fund) and Quartiersmanagement LettePlatz

Modular system Tutti-Paletti developed by ConstructLab

Car-tires seats developed by ReFunc