Objective Dialogues : Moabiter Geschichte

Festiwalla 2013Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 16-19.10.2013.

Together with : Alex HeadJan BoveletPatrick Kochlik, Kristin Anschütz and Sabine Schulz Blank

After extended exploration of hidden historical traces of Berlin-Moabit, we joined local youth theatre group JTB in collective re-writing of the Moabit’s past. In the framework of youth festival Festiwalla, we tested the principles of collaborative narration using carefully selected objects from Moabit, which served as triggers for diverse plots, including historical and fictional characters. Festival audience had chance to choose character-object, place it in the spatial and temporal context of Moabit with a help of our ‘slot-machine’ and develop a scene ‘activating’ the selected object. Objective Dialogue Y-table operated as ‘theatrical machine’ for creation of various theatrical-improvisations led by the JTB crew at the end of each festival day.

Photos> Alex Head, Sabine Schulz Blank