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Five Dimensions of Mapping / Cope, B., Kuč, M, Ackermann, F., / Mapping Vilnius. Transitions of Post-Socialist Urban Spaces / Vilnius / 2016

The Role of Art in a Shrinking Former Nuclear Town in the EU Periphery / Kuč, M. / Mapping Visaginas: Sources of Urbanity in Post-Industrial Cities / Vilnius / 2016

Medellín – Human Right on Water  / López, M., Kuč, M. and Naranjo, J. /  ARCH+ Magazine 223 / Aachen / 2016

Mapping in Critical Urbanism. Application of the method / Cope, B., Kuč, M / arXYZoom / Vilnius / 2015

Decline of the Political Inside Temporary Spaces / Opinion for Platoon Magazine #2 / Berlin / October 2015

Berlin. Becoming normal? / Architecture Fund ‘City.The Breaking Points’ / Vilnius / February 2014

Ein Grundrecht auf Wasser ? Vom stetigen Fluss zu vorausbezahlten TropfenARCH+ 213 ; Out of Balance-Kritik der Gegenwart, with Marcela Lopez and Juan Esteban Naranjo, December 2013

From a Patchwork of Territories to a Network of Collective Spaces PEAR magazine (Paper for Emerging Architectural Research), Issue 5: Medellín Through a Kaleidoscope, London, January 2013.

The Digital Habitat and Urban Editing as Emerging Practice, with Jan BoveletMONU Magazine #14 (Editing Urbanism), April 2011

Evolutive Cities – Planning for Uncertain Cities , with Romana Mandeganja, UN Urbanism, Jovis Verlag 2008