Lectures & Presentations / Selection


(2-21.12) Issues of Critical Cartography. Social Participation and Urban ChangeWorkshop Series by LCU  / Minsk-Vilnius-Riga-Berlin-Kyiv

(21.09) Psychogeography of Moabit / Post-migrant City seminar by Agata Lisiak / Bard Collage  / Berlin

(26.08) Site-Specific Visual MethodsSummer School on Sources of Urbanity in Former Mono-functional Towns / Visaginas, Lithuania

(06.05) The Periphery becomes Centre: The Centre for Art and Urbanistics Moabit / Infrastructure, Sovereignty and Urbanity in the Baltic Region / Vilnius-Visaginas, Lithuania

(20.05)  Collective Critical Cartography / CANactions Festival : Resilient Architecture / Kyiv, Ukraine


(03.12) / Context Counts. Site-sensitive visualisation methods / Presentation at the international conference In/visibility and Difference: A Visual Methods Workshop / Bard College Berlin

(26.11) / Public lecture  Tools rather than Solutions. Writing the Software for Indeterminate Spaces / CANactions School for Urban Studies / Kiev, Ukraine

(22.10) / Public lecture (Which) Art In (Which) Context? / Urban Space 100 / Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

(25.02) Lecture at international conference Cultures of Shrinking – Visaginas. Workshop on Post-Industrial Cities in the Baltics, Visaginas, Lithuania

(23.02) Soft-planning. On emergence of Tactical Urbanism / Baltisch-Deutsches Hochschulkontor, Riga, Latvia


(11.09) Mapping as research method in critical urban studies? / Current Developments in Critical Urban Studies, Georg-Simmel-Zentrum Berlin

(06.08)  Cracking The City /  Space Hacking - International Summer School / Faculty of Architecture Brno

(09.05)  ‘Reassembling Events and Reconfiguring Boundaries’, in the framework of the exhibition OFFSIDEGallery «Ў», Minsk

(20.02 )  ”CITY. THE BREAKING POINTS” organized by Architecture Fund and Vilnius University, CAC  Vilnius


(06.09)  Just Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics / Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2013

(14.09) Alternative Infrastructures and Cultural Development / ReMake Festival Berlin