Pequeños Empoderamientos, Medellin 2011

In the shadow of current Medellin’s megaprojects plenty of small-scale initiatives have grown, offering alternative socio-cultural developments. Those critical approaches in the form of resistance and proactive interventionalism question current urban development mechanisms based on control and exclusion of the majority. Environmental activism, new forms of participation, alternative education or crowd-based cultural jamming represent diverse ways to construct collective spaces, quite the opposite to idea of creating territories. This movie tries to trace a variety of self-generated initiatives and contrast them with over-scaled plans of municipality by putting forward the perception of kids, cyclist movement and local artists.


!O Comemos o Pagamos!, Medellin 2015

While the international community discusses the importance of securing the right to water during the Seventh Inter-American Dialogue on Water Resource Management (D7), low-income households in Medellín are denied access to this essential resource for non-payment of bills or for being located in the so-called “high-risk” zones. ¡O comemos o pagamos! puts a lens to the invisible everyday practices to secure access to water in a city of privilege hydrological conditions that owns one of the most efficient water public companies in Latin America.

Directors: Marcela López / Miodrag Kuč
Length: 22 mins

Watch it at the ContestedUrbanWaterscapes Platform