TU Berlin Summer University / Berlin 03-20.08.2015

Course : Rethinking Moabit: (Post)Industrial neighbourhood and its cultural patrimony in danger 

Moabit-West, one of the biggest european inner-city industrial area, has been undergoing dramatic urban, economical and social change. Former working-class area, nowadays backyard of the Berlin’s main train station and neighbourhood under strong real-estate pressure, gain some new land under conversion of state-owned goods-railway estate (Güterbahnhof). Newly formed public park and cultural institution ZK/U represent symbolic shift toward clean/green/inclusive transition in which ‘participation’ and arts play important role.

Reality is somehow different; decline of diversity, high rate of unemployment and stigmatised neighbourhood are challenges to deal with. Course seeks for the novel ways of interpreting complex urban realities and looks for the ways of empowerment of the local agents interested in alternative ways of dealing with urban re-development.

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