Gütermarkt, a hybrid between craftsmen, DIY and flea market, looks for the imaginary and newly possible socio-economical models on the local scale. It involves diverse site-specific services, providing space for various ways of exchange and allow experimentation, social critic and productive discussions about current ‘urban development’ and transformation of Berlin-Moabit.

Beyond trading with ‘goods’, Gütermarkt promotes alternative ways of knowledge exchange, with an aim to serve as a local platform for critical urban pedagogy and community development.

In this season, 2015 the Gütermarkt is build on 6 different conceptual islands to blur the official borders between the ZK/U Center for Arts and Urbanistic and the city park in order to create an inclusive space for unexpected social relationships. Additionally is the Gütermarkt inspired by a variety of different topics namely “holidays”, “education” or “communication”.

Gütermarkt #4-14 (2015)

Supported by the European Union, the German Federal Republic, the City of Berlin as part of the program “Zukuntsinitiative Stadtteil” (II), Part of the program “Soziale Stadt” (Program year 2015)