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Collective offline-hub

Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, 23.06. 2012

On the occasion of the exhibition The World Is Not Fair, AXP collective was invited to intervene in the pavilion of Institut für Raumexperimente under the title Translation Acts. For that purpose site-specific installation has been built, offering possibility of collective writing on pirate-box driven Etherpad Lite. Participants had chance to write a collective poem, to develop color based pattern and to do the mash-up from the given texts.

Programing > Philipp Bosch /   Photos > Sabine Schulz Blank


07 2012

PUF Remix_Jamming Underused Socialist Treasures_video

October 2011, in collaboration with Critical Urbanism Lab

Both the form and content of the J.U.S.T. project are motivated by a desire to counter one of the effects of globalization, particularly visible in, though by no means limited to, Eastern Europe. This is the sense that development is only possible when international capital is interested in investing in a particular site. The challenge of the J.U.S.T. project is to reverse this logic – can jamming spaces on a local level act as a catalyst for urban transformations aiming at greater social justice? Urban interventions have long been utilized in critical or artistic approaches.What this project aims to do is test their potential for providing alternative development strategies for underused spaces without flirting with power structures.


12 2011

Wrecking Pendulum [Constructing Deconstruction]

The Anxious Prop Case 2, Have Balls [Eccentric] , Alexanderplatz Pavilion , 29.07.2010, Berlin

The project aimed to discuss destruction-driven urban developments of Alexanderplatz in the light of existing planner’s visions for this highly political place. As an object that has been constructed to be destroyed, Wrecking Pendulum contains complex mathematical patterns in the prototyping and digital fabrication phase and is constituted by its performative character rooted in the idea of prop in theater. Questioning production of space through the idea of producing site-specific knowledge, the project asked for the incorporation of cultural memory and existing social landscape at Alexanderplatz as crucial factors in the formation of the new.

Collaboration with Jan Bovelet 


11 2010

Flip Coin Game_Munich

Installation and interactive game / Customized Reality_Postgarage Munich_19.11.2009. / Concept TTT by Luis Berrios Negron

The Turtle Two (TTT) served as collaboration infrastructure for artists to conceptualize, produce and exhibit art-work in compressed time-frame of 12 hours. Idea of Urban Customization and city as a generator of lifestyles has been brought to diverse group of creative practitioners to deal with.

Flip-Coin Game is both installation and game questioning our pre-designed mobility in urban arena (transportation system network) and giving possibility to visitors to customize given space through familiar coin-game.


11 2010

PUF at Kvart Magazine

Berlin Pioneers trilogy

Following spatial tactics and socio-political meaning of temporary use in Berlin

Available only in Serbian

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 1

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 2

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 3


11 2010