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PUF at REMAKE Festival

Workshop > Carrito Cultural Berlin? , REMAKE Festival, Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin, 11-15.09.2013.

Introductory lecture gave an overview of ParaArtFormations activities, focusing on the project Carrito Cultural. After general concept/toolbox has been discussed with festival participants, we moved through all RE: stations in order to build a prototype collectively. Process has been seen as coop-work between festival participants and ‘maker experts’, built on the initial intention of the Carrito Cultural project.



11 2013

PUF at European Humanities University (EHU)_ Vilnius

Open Lecture > Emerging Critical Cartography: Activists mapping and Collective Knowledge_Vilnius_May 2012.

The lecture introduced the concept of critical cartography in the digital and internet era, focusing on collaborative mapping strategies and diversification of mapping agents, as well as experimental activist/artistic drawings. The idea of the formation of collective knowledge through mapping was elaborated by introducing strategies of counter-mapping, networks-mapping and crisis-mapping.


05 2012

PUF at round table_Climate Change as Social Challenge

Inability of Master Plan (based on infinite growth) to deal with the climate change asks for the socio-cultural shift and micro-urbanism strategies. Alternative infrastructures in the form of offline sharing, crowd-based finance models or low-tech energy producers, appear as a creative answer to urban uncertainties. PUF presented new forms of planning based on resources-sharing, DIY culture and self-made infrastructures, with an aim to provoke discussion about non-technocratic ways to deal with the climatic turbulence.

Goethe Institute Belgrade, December 2011.


12 2011

PUF at Lo Doy Porque Quiero (I give because I want)

November 2011, Calle9, Medellin (Colombia)

Lecture > Tiny Empowerments_Berlin case

Art interventions in the public space became important part of the urban communications. In the city of Berlin, cultural developments that contrast “creative industries” generate plenty of alternative spaces and micro-entrepreneurs with social responsibility. Beside the administrative curtain, cultural funds and patrons, those networks are establishing new labour forms empowered by information and communication technologies.

After introducing some case studies from Berlin as a sort of inspiration, together with the short movie Pequeños Empoderamientos (Tiny Empowerments), open discussion about situation in Medellin took place together with local artists and activists.


12 2011

PUF at Conference Climate Change as Social Challenge

Climate change has been heavily discussed from the meteorological, political or technical perspective. However, existing social change caused by shift in environment seems to be marginalized and put at the bottom of priority list.

PUF presented unconventional ways of dealing with climate change, following grass-roots initiatives, micro-ecosystems of local communities and increasing number of artists interested in this topic.

Goethe Institute Belgrade, October 2010


11 2010

PUF at Pecha Kucha Berlin

Presenting research project and web-archive  Cracking The City

Platoon. Cultural Development, Berlin


11 2010

Island of Birds_PQ07

Scene Design student group,  University of Arts Belgrade, Winter Semester 06/07

Scenarios for the future of Great War Island in Belgrade developed during the study-course Architecture of Scene Space . Proposed web platform had aim to actively promote last authentic birds’ habitat in Belgrade  and protect the island  from the over-scaled appetites of investors.

Project was presented at  PQ 07


11 2010