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PUF at Objective Dialogues Y-table publication

Booklet > Objective Dialogues Y-table, A Manual for Collaborative Narration, with Alex Head and Jan Bovelet, September 2013

‘The Objective Dialogues Y-Table consisted of a three way, Y-shaped table with 4 analytical examination stations, a display system, examination sheets, audio recorders and a facilitator. The examination stations refer to classical scientific methods in order to question the contemporary alliances between scientific research and the arts. This is equally indicated by the title of the project: Objective Dialogues are not objective but about objects’

more about project > Objective Dialogues

applied methodology > Festiwalla 2013 

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11 2013

PUF at Tallinn Architecture Biennial (TAB) 2013

Booklet > JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics, Vilnius, August 2013

JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics is the practical element of the course “The Production of Space in the Digital Age” on the Masters of Critical Urban Studies at the European Humanities University in Vilnius. The course explores both the potential that digital mapping technologies offer for critical studies of spatial issues, and also considers how digital technologies are impacting on ways of perceiving, managing and experiencing spaces.

Project has been presented at Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2013

L for L_preview


11 2013

PUF at MONU Magazine

Article The Digital Habitat and Urban Editing as Emerging Practice, with Jan Bovelet, MONU Magazine #14 (Editing Urbanism), April 2011


Despite the current urgency to deal with the enormous potential of the already existing urban material as Urban Editors, there seems still to be an enormous lack of interest in topics such as urban and architectural restoration, preservation, renovation, redevelopment, renewal or adaptive reuse of old structures among architects and urban designers. But ignorance in this matter can only be dismissed as socially irresponsible and economically and culturally unacceptable. But what might be the reason for the prevailing ignorance? Who is to blame? Why is Urban Editing considered to be so utterly unattractive?


05 2011

PUF at The Anxious Prop Feuillton

Article OpenStreetMap as empowering tool for collective visualizations, in The Anxious Prop / Case 4, Reviewing Making-Visible, March 2011



04 2011

PUF at The Anxious Prop Feuilltons

Article Wrecking Pendulum, in The Anxious Prop, Case 2, Have Balls (Eccentric)

Article Black Swan Spaces, in The Anxious Prop, Case 3, The Black Swan Issue



11 2010

PUF at UN Urbanism book

…Cities are often the central battlefields of modern wars, resulting in the massive destruction of urban structures. In processes of reconstruction, international actors initiate urban transformation in very different regions of the world, using strikingly similar patterns. But which concepts of the city do these interventions follow? Is there a special global mode of urbanisation in post-war cities, a “UN urbanism”? Using the examples of two post-war cities—Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kabul (Afghanistan)—this book aims to tackle the question of how the institutions and activities of the international community influence newly emerging daily city life…

sample pages


11 2010

PUF at Urban Customization book

…Anstatt in der U-Bahn Werbung und Nachrichten darüber zu zeigen, wieviele Leute gestern durch welche Bombe starben und somit die Leute, die sowieso schon nicht glücklich darüber sind, zur Arbeit fahren zu müssen negativ zu beeinflussen, sollten wir all diese Einrichtungen und Medien dazu nutzen, die Leute zum Handeln zu ermutigen; die Stadt nicht nur als Spielplatz zum Spielen zu benutzen, sondern auch als Teil des kollektiven Designs…

Interview by Jan Kage alias Yaneq


11 2010

PUF at Kvart Magazine

Berlin Pioneers trilogy

Following spatial tactics and socio-political meaning of temporary use in Berlin

Available only in Serbian

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 1

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 2

kvart magazine_BLN pioneers_part 3


11 2010

PUF at Urban China magazine

Project Sichuan Hot (S)pots has been published in magazine Urban China vol. 36

Available only in Chinese

Hot (S)pots_Urban China


11 2010

PUF at Gestion y Ambiente magazine

Issue about Latin-American Metropolis through Space-Time methodology of Milton Santos

Article Medellin: “El Hueco” as a public space

Download article El Hueco


11 2010